What are want ads?

Want ads are people who are looking to take over a membership/purchase a gym membership.

Who do I contact when buying a membership?

Within every post, you will be able to contact the Seller of a membership directly by email. You can then negotiate price and commitment with that individual. All other details with the contract are to be dealt with the gym itself.

Why should I not go directly to a gym to buy a short term membership?

Gym’s tend to offer daily or weekly passes to their establishments, but at a much greater cost. If taking over an existing membership for a short period of time, you will be paying their normal rate within the contract term.

Is Gumbuster.ca free?

Yes. Your post to gymbuster.ca is free. Specialty ads are offered for an additional price. Please view our advertising options on the home screen.

Why should I use Gymbuster instead of other Buy and Sell Websites?

Simply put, we are a specialized site. Gymbuster.ca is dedicated to finding you the best alternative to the sale or purchase of a gym membership. We are involved with a community of individuals and fitness centers with the same goal.

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