How It Works

We have all had our own reasons for joining a gym, but situations can arise where honoring a contract may not be ideal. Here at , we are committed to offering a platform for buyers and sellers alike to exchange, sell, and buy memberships that suit your individual needs.

For Buyer’s
There are two ways that you can obtain your ideal membership:
1- Search our database by your province and city. Here you will find a list of memberships that range in length of commitment and proximity to your home.
2- Tell us what you are looking for. Your neighbourhood of choice, length of commitment and features in a gym that you are seeking. A member who is selling, or a gym in your neighbourhood with what you are looking for will be sure to contact you.

For Seller’s
Sellers can easily post their memberships regardless of the length of time left in their commitments. Your post to will allow you to display the gym you’re involved with, cost per month and any features about your membership you feel like sharing. Sellers can also add initiatives to prospective buyers such as discounts or a portion of the membership paid up front at the Sellers discretion.

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